Gateway Foundation has helped over two million people gain recovery in the past 50 years. Gateway Foundation Carbondale bases its programs on 12 step recovery, using the tenets of the 12 Steps to help you achieve the recovery you seek. So what exactly is a 12 Step process and how can it help you?

About 12 Step Recovery

group session through a 12 step recovery programThe 12 step recovery method originated under Alcoholics Anonymous as a model for addiction treatment after founder Bill Wilson documented the steps to his own recovery in 1938. Using the 12 Steps, people provide mutual support and education to help each other remain abstinent from substance abuse. This support also relies on looking to a Higher Power for strength and guidance. That Higher Power is one of your choosing.

Many modern addiction treatment programs adapt the 12 step recovery process to their needs. Along with this vein, the 12 step recovery program works well as a template for your success.

At the very least, participating in the 12 Steps opens doors to a vast community of sober support available in every geography throughout the United States. So when you leave treatment, your participation continues through local chapters and community programs. This means you do not go home to isolation or solitude, instead of returning to non-judgmental support and even friendship.

Do the 12 Steps Work?

Your 12 step recovery program forms around the model of people helping each other live in healthy sobriety. To achieve this sobriety, you share your experiences among the group and learn about the journey of others to provide mutual support and strength.

Research, such as published in the journal Addiction Research and Theory, shows how these support groups work through “flourishing.” This flourishing is the positive mental health and mindset that engaging with others in a solid support network produces.

In simple terms, support of a 12 step recovery Program lifts you up and helps you remain abstinent from substance abuse. With this support, studies show people flourish for the long term, with over 40% of people remaining sober after three months and almost 40% still sober at 12 months.

What Do the Steps Teach You?

The 12 step recovery program forms around a framework of surrender to your addiction. You go through a process of understanding your experience, dealing with it and improving your life. Through these steps, you build healthy practices and tools, including:

  • Seeing and admitting your addiction problem
  • Surrendering to your need for outer support and guidance
  • Recognizing your addiction behaviors
  • Practicing learned restraint and building self-esteem
  • Accepting yourself and your ability to change your life
  • Compassion for others
  • Learning and using tools of the support system in all areas of your life

12 Step Recovery and Other Support in Carbondale, IL

In Carbondale, IL, Gateway Foundation Carbondale provides addiction therapy services and treatment for adults seeking long-term recovery from drugs or alcohol. Whether you seek a 12 step recovery method or an alternative program foundation, you receive those services and a real chance for a better life in Carbondale.

Therapies and substance abuse treatment programs of Gateway Foundation Carbondale include:

You can rebuild your life and flourish in happiness and good health using the 12 step recovery methods. Contact Gateway Foundation Carbondale now at 618.529.1151 for more information about available programs.