Not everyone is aware that ADHD is a mental health disorder. They might know that many children get ADHD treatment, but why do they need it? If you’re embarrassed by the stigma that still surrounds various mental illnesses, there’s no need to be. ADHD has no cure, but with the right treatment, children and adults with this condition can lead full and productive lives.

About ADHD

young girl during therapy in an ADHD Treatment centerAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a neurological disorder. According to the CDC, it affects over six million children, with over seven percent of Americans (including children and adults) diagnosed with it. Boys are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls. In addition, although many people receive a diagnosis of ADHD as children, it’s a disorder that can last into adulthood.

Characteristics of the disorder include an inability to focus and impulsive behavior. People who don’t understand much about it may think that ADHD treatment only involves prescription medication to “control” a child’s behavior. They might ignore additional interventions that contribute to more effective care.

The Link Between ADHD and Addiction

The impulsiveness that characterizes ADHD is also what can result in substance abuse. People who have the disorder but haven’t received treatment for it are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. Sometimes, they self-medicate their negative feelings away instead of getting help at an anxiety treatment center, for instance. Other times, they’re trying to cope with insomnia or other issues.

Partnering with professionals at an ADHD treatment center can guide them toward making better choices. Then they’ll avoid the inevitable problems that come with co-occurring disorders like addiction and ADHD.

What ADHD Treatment Can Do for You

People who have ADHD are often bright, but they may need ADHD treatment to realize their full potential in school and at work. At an ADHD treatment center, they may start a medication course with drugs like Adderall or Focalin. However, prescription drugs aren’t the only way to treat ADHD. In some cases, people don’t need medication at all or as they grow older, they outgrow the need for it.

Instead, they manage their symptoms with other means, including mindfulness training, behavior modification and skills training. A combination of different approaches often provides comprehensive and effective treatment.

Finding an ADHD Treatment Center

Once you receive a diagnosis of ADHD, you probably won’t need serious intervention from an ADHD treatment center unless you’re also struggling with a problem like drug and alcohol abuse. In that case, ADHD treatment will involve simultaneous therapy for substance dependency.

Addiction Medicine That Saves Lives

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Mental health disorders don’t take away your chance to live a stable and productive life. Find ADHD treatment that allows you to reach your full potential by helping you to manage your symptoms. If you’re struggling with ADHD and addiction, the compassionate and skilled team at Gateway Foundation Carbondale is ready to help. Call 618.529.1151 today to learn more.