mom and daughter discussing an experiential therapy programThese days, many people are interested in gaining access to addiction therapy services that will help them overcome addiction. If drug dependence is currently damaging your quality of life, it’s important never to give up. Instead, face the problem head-on. You can begin to create the lifestyle of freedom and productivity that you deserve to maintain. As many drug addiction therapists know, one of the best ways to recover is by attaining experiential therapy services from professionals. It’s time to learn about what addiction does to a person and how an experiential therapy program can help. You can also learn how an Individual Therapy Program can help as well.

How Addiction Entails A Need For Therapy

Addiction is a disease which has devastating consequences on the mind and body. When in the world of addiction, individuals are perpetually preoccupied with acquiring and using their illicit substance of choice. Addiction causes negative consequences in all aspects of life. This includes their physical health, mental stability, and ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships. The reality of addiction and the degenerative consequences it metabolizes gives rise to the need for therapy. By obtaining professional therapy services, individuals can recover in a safe, supportive environment.

What Is An Experiential Therapy Program?

Experiential therapy is a therapeutic approach which involves patients identifying and addressing hidden issues through the use of various activities that involve movement. Examples of activities include the use of props, guided imagery, and role-playing. Some examples of experiential therapy include:

  • Equine therapy
  • Recreation therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Expressive arts therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Psychodrama
  • Wilderness therapy

What Are The Benefits Of An Experiential Therapy Program?

Many benefits result from experiential therapy programs. One of them is that the activities and experiences that the patient engages in provide the therapist with the ability to observe patients in live contexts where they are not fixated on the therapy session. An example of this would be an equine therapy session in which a patient focuses on completing an assignment with a horse. During the session, the patient is more likely to let their guard down than they would be during a traditional counseling session.

Another benefit of experiential programming is that it provides patients with the opportunity to improve their self-esteem, identify obstacles, take more responsibility for their actions, and experience success. Additionally, the patient can receive contextual, highly specific feedback regarding their behaviors and actions from the therapist. During the feedback exchange, patients can identify and evaluate both their behaviors in the moment as well as previous cognitive processes that might have prompted a specific action.

Another reason that enrollment in an experiential therapy program can be beneficial results from the fact that the physical exercise might provide the patient with a healthy new activity to engage in. For example, individuals who find that they enjoy horseback riding, swimming, or yoga can begin incorporating these activities into their weekly schedule.

What Should I Look For In A Therapy Program?

When you start your search for the ideal experiential therapy program, there are certain things that you should look for. One is holistic programming. Holistic programming means that the therapy facility you enroll in will offer all of the services necessary to help you effectively recognize and respond to the spiritual, mental, and physical complications engendered by addiction. A facility that provides holistic programming will typically feature most or all of the following services:

Gateway Foundation Carbondale

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