When you find yourself ready to put addiction behind you, a group therapy program in rehab helps you feel supported, engaged and strong in your recovery. Few rehab services provide the breakthroughs and support of the group. Many people dread their first meeting, wondering if they will feel shy, left out or unable to contribute to the group. But after one or more sessions, you learn you have a voice and people want to hear it.

What Is Group Therapy?

a session within a group therapy programGroup therapy brings multiple members of your addiction rehab or other treatment programs together. You each share in the same daily struggles and gain strength by leaning on each other for support. In the group setting, you speak freely about your issues while gaining direction from an addiction counselor. By surrounding yourself with people following the same path as you do in recovery, you gain a deeper understanding of your addiction and needs for sobriety.

In treatment, you go to group therapy on a regular schedule, usually one or more times per day. Outside of treatment, you benefit from continuing your group support in your home community. Almost every town or city in the United States offers some kind of recovery support group.

As you gain strength and time in your sobriety, your attendance schedule reduces. But you still benefit from the support of others in your group. They also benefit from you being there and sharing your journey.

Your first sessions in a group therapy program start with you feeling like an outsider. But the group quickly makes you more comfortable as each member states their names and current struggles. Over time you learn about others and what they face in recovery. You all benefit from knowing that there are no wrong answers or thoughts in these meetings, helping you speak more honestly about raised issues.

Why You Need a Group Therapy Program

Individual counseling and behavioral therapies help you focus inward, on your own struggles and needs for change. But your group therapy program helps you focus on your relationship with the world around you. You learn so much about yourself, as your peers mirror your own behaviors and patterns back to you. Where one-on-one therapy cannot help you, the group does.

The same is true for the shortcomings of a group therapy program, with individual counseling filling gaps. One-on-one therapy gives you a place to expand on group topics. It also lets you look more deeply at these issues and how they affect your life.

A group therapy program also helps you cope with cravings. You learn what works for others, as much as you learn what does not work. Patients will also build coping strategies, relationships for support and confidence in themselves to prevent relapse for the long term.

You also gain lasting friendships from your group. Some members naturally gravitate toward each other, sharing many common life experiences and viewpoints. Others enjoy being around people who understand their struggles, both in the group and outside of these meetings. Whether you explore friendships from group members is up to you.

Where to Find Group Therapy in Carbondale, IL

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If you or someone you love struggle with addiction, Gateway Foundation Carbondale provides the individual and group therapy program you need. Through this treatment, you can gain a healthier and happier future. Contact Gateway Foundation Carbondale now at 618.319.7522.