How does recreational therapy fit into drug and alcohol addiction treatment? If you’ve never been through rehab before, you might be surprised by the various activities treatment centers offer. Addiction specialists do more than schedule beneficial therapy sessions. They often include fun and holistic activities as well. Taking part in a recreational therapy program as part of your treatment will remind you of some things you’ve missed out on.

Recreational Therapy in Addiction Treatment

yoga during a recreational therapy programOnce drug and alcohol abuse take over your life, you have little room for much else. This may include activities you used to enjoy, such as taking cooking classes or working out. Many treatment facilities offer recreational therapy as part of an overall treatment plan.

When you engage in a recreational therapy program, you often focus your mind on the fun you’re having. You’re less likely to dwell on your problems. Instead, you’ll think about how you can work as part of a team or how you can further explore your creativity. These activities also serve as distractions from cravings and triggers.

Patients will see that they have many more options to have a good time besides using. If they’ve never attended a sporting event without drinking heavily or their typical nighttime activity is drinking and watching television, they can learn how to put the fun back into their lives. And they can do it perfectly sober.

This type of therapy will supplement other therapy types, such as psychotherapy and behavioral therapy. When used in conjunction with each other, they fit well as part of an overall wellness plan that addresses all areas of a patient’s health.

Each rehab has its own amenities and enjoyable activities, so one recreational therapy program may differ slightly from the next. However, some typical activities include team sports, hiking, community outings, fitness activities, and animal therapy.

Benefits of a Recreational Therapy Program

Everyone feels stressed at times. It’s how you react to stress and anxiety that makes a difference. Some people go for a walk or listen to music when they’re stressed out. Others turn to drugs and alcohol.

There are many ways to cope with tough times that are healthy, positive and productive. Recreational therapy shows patients how to do just that.

What can you expect to gain from recreational therapy? Some of the benefits include:

  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Improve your self-image
  • Builds camaraderie and trust
  • Promote life skills
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle

When users know they have other outlets to relieve stress than destructive ones like substance abuse, they can learn to make better choices.

Life-Changing Addiction Treatment

Gateway Foundation Carbondale is on 14 wooded, secluded acres where patients can relax in safe, tranquil surroundings. Our treatment center features a state-of-the-art gymnasium. Patients can find the peace they need to grow and heal as they rest in our outdoor gazebo and enjoy the beauty of our butterfly garden.

Our addiction therapy services include:

Our specialists provide Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) when necessary. We also offer an adolescent program designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of teenagers struggling with substance abuse.

See how recreational therapy can fit into an addiction treatment plan that changes your life for the better. Reach out to the friendly team at Carbondale today at 618.529.1151. We’re ready to start you on the road to lasting recovery.