According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, in 2017 only 4 million of the 20.7 million people in need of treatment received help.

Addiction doesn’t have to be a controlling force in your life. Achieving sobriety isn’t just a fantasy. At Gateway Foundation Carbondale, our commitment to total addiction recovery is in everything we do. It centers around a solid core of addiction treatment programs we offer. These programs are adaptable to nearly any client and almost any specific need. Our addiction treatment staff oversees an extensive treatment process designed to be as effective as possible. The individualized therapy process provides each patient with a plan designed for maximum effectiveness.

Addiction Treatment Programs

At the core of any recovery process are the addiction treatment programs. These programs set the primary process, and routine clients will go through during rehabilitation. The programs can change depending on the exact treatment center but at most, including Gateway Foundation Carbondale, the main programs are Inpatient and Outpatient programs. Depending on their specific needs, they may engage in either of the programs deemed necessary. Each program has its strengths, and often clients enter Outpatient rehab after completing an Inpatient program.

Benefits of an Addiction Treatment Facility

  • Access to counselors, therapists, and medical professionals
  • Stable environment for healing
  • Receive peer support
  • Ability to create a daily routine
Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment?

With so many programs available it can be difficult to decide which is best. An inpatient program is best for those who suffer from long-standing addictions and have the ability to leave home. An outpatient program is ideal for those who require flexibility in their treatment and have only struggled with addiction for a short period of time.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

For most people, Inpatient rehab is the suggested, and most effective, form of treatment. This is because it boasts high success rates due to the immersive nature of treatment. By removing clients from their environments and treating them in a new, supportive one, they’re more likely to succeed with treatment. At a Residential inpatient facility, those undergoing treatments continuously have the support and care they require. Clients can have instant access to medical treatments or a therapist should the need arise at any time. This ease of access and compassionate environment can make a huge difference in recovery chances.

Characteristics of a Full Drug Addiction Treatment Plan

1 Assessment

2 Evidence-based treatment and programs

3 Mental health services

4 Medical monitoring

5 Case management

6 Support programs

7 Aftercare

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Unfortunately, the commitment to inpatient rehab may not be possible for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have treatment options. Fortunately, Outpatient addiction treatment programs can be a perfect option for those who can’t drop their lives and responsibilities but still need help getting clean. Also, Outpatient rehab can be a great follow up to Inpatient rehab. It can allow one to continue receiving support less intensively while returning to their daily lives. In fact, it offers most of the same treatments as an inpatient program with the same degree of quality. Clients in our Outpatient rehab have access to signature addiction treatments such as:

Depending on the individual needs of each client, therapists may recommend one or both of these addiction treatment programs. No matter which program you choose, you can rest assured that Gateway Carbondale can supply you expert addiction treatment through either one.

According to the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, at least 10% of adults 18 years or older say they are currently in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse.

Recovery Community with Gateway Foundation Carbondale

In addition to typical programs, a perfect accompaniment to both of our addiction treatment programs is Gateway Carbondale’s Recovery Community. This unique offering is an excellent option for nearly any client. Our Recovery Community brings together both addiction specialists and recovering addicts who are at all points of the recovery process. Through open communication, networking, and support our Recovery Community provides participants with another avenue of support. Our Recovery Community gives those in recovery a safe, nonjudgmental environment to ensure long-term sobriety.

The commitment we hold to a total, lifelong recovery is why we offer as many addiction treatment programs as we do. The large variety of adaptable programs provide a multitude of options for those in recovery. We want to help everyone possible to lead a sober life. If you are interested in one of our addiction treatment programs, contact Gateway Foundation Carbondale at 618.529.1151 today!

“Outpatient services are wonderful here, they work with you if you have kids and have different hours of availability for counseling. Counselors would do anything to help someone battling the disease of addiction and always go the extra mile. My life would be much different and worse off if not for the people at Gateway!”

Tiffany K.
Recovery is possible with the team at Gateway Foundation Carbondale. Contact us now to begin with our admissions process!