Gateway Foundation Carbondale is an addiction treatment facility for your total and lasting recovery. Our goal is for each client of ours to find and maintain lasting sobriety. This starts with our world-class treatment and care. Sadly, Residential Treatment can only last so long. After leaving treatment, those in recovery are at high risk of relapse. Once clean, taking a drug could shock the system of an individual and lead to an overdose. To combat this risk and give continued support, Gateway Foundation Carbondale offers clients an addiction Recovery Community. This community provides post-treatment help and support. The Recovery Community offers clients a support system to help create lasting sobriety well after leaving our facility.

The Benefits of an Addiction Recovery Community

members of an addiction Recovery Community taking a photo Addiction isn’t a simple disease such as the flu or the common cold. It’s complex, affecting both mind and body. There’s still no real cure for addiction, but treatment methods are improving year by year. One of the most significant issues facing anyone who overcomes their addiction is a potential relapse. The likelihood of overdose from taking an abused substance after rehab can be very high, regardless of the substance. To avoid such a major setback and provide long-term support, Gateway Foundation Carbondale provides an addiction Recovery Community. This community is made up of recovering individuals. It gives those in the process of recovery access to a strong support structure with more flexibility than standard treatments. Our Recovery Community gives participants a variety of benefits such as:

  • Alumni events and workshops
  • Group meetings
  • Post-treatment support
  • Volunteer opportunities

The addiction Recovery Community at Gateway Foundation Carbondale is, hopefully, the last step in our addiction treatment program. The addiction Recovery Community is our unique way of supplying a form of post-treatment support. It’s good for those who have just left treatment and need a support system. It even benefits long-time recovering individuals who want help dealing with new temptations.

Why a Recovery Community?

The addiction Recovery Community at Gateway Foundation Carbondale is a completely optional program. We don’t require it as part of any treatment program but we strongly recommend it. We believe those in recovery can never have enough support. Additional support is exactly what we intend our Recovery Community to be. A non-intensive program for continued long-term support. After treatment, many in recovery can still be raw and susceptible to a relapse or emotional issues. The support system an addiction Recovery Community can provide is ideal for this type of situation.

Our addiction treatment staff truly believes in our addiction Recovery Community. That’s why we make it an available option for all patients who go through our treatment programs. It’s part of our commitment to your lifelong sobriety. Gateway Foundation Carbondale’s Recovery Community supplies you with a supportive group of peers. The support and validation you can supply each other can be crucial for a recovering individual returning to normal life. Join us in a commitment to lifelong sobriety. Enroll in an addiction Recovery Community from Gateway Foundation Carbondale and find the support and help you need to ensure your recovery. Contact Gateway Foundation Carbondale today at 618.529.1151 to learn about our Recovery Community or other addiction treatment programs.