Addiction isn’t a discriminating disease. It can affect anyone regardless of age, sex, race, etc. Unfortunately, our society is in the midst of an addiction epidemic. Much of the issues facing Americans concerning addiction revolves around the exposure of young adults to drugs and alcohol. Many struggling with substance abuse are first introduced to drugs and alcohol when they’re rather young. When substance abuse begins in their teens, it can become a major issue that extends into adulthood. To combat this issue, Gateway Foundation Carbondale offers an extensive adolescent addiction treatment program. This program specifically targets the issues of addiction that come with adolescents. We give adolescents a new outlook on life and restore their potential.

The Benefits of an Adolescent Addiction Treatment Program

group of young adults after an adolescent addiction treatment programAddiction in teens or adolescents is even more serious than in adults. This is because the effects of substance abuse on the developing mind and body can be profound. The negative consequences are significant and can include stunted physical growth and cognitive development. Every parent wants the absolute best for their children, but a struggling teen is certainly not at their best. Those in middle and high school often find themselves introduced to drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, even with the best education and upbringing, a teen can be subject to peer pressure or the desire to fit in. Often substance abuse can begin as a social thing and grow into something far worse. The adolescent addiction treatment program at Gateway Carbondale targets the specific issues struggling adolescents face. We offer a variety of addiction therapy services and treatment options including:

  • Character building programs
  • Intensive individual and group therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Age appropriate treatment options

The health of your loved one is as important to us as it is to you. Addiction can steal your teen from you, but our adolescent addiction treatment program can bring your loved one back. Don’t let your son or daughter suffer from addiction any longer. Get them the help they need and deserve at Gateway Foundation Carbondale. Our addiction treatment staff members have training in all cases of addiction including for youth and adolescents. Enroll them in our adolescent program today and give them a chance for a successful life.

A Treatment Program with a Mission

The adolescent addiction treatment program at Gateway Carbondale works in two ways. The first is obviously to treat the addiction of our clients and remove the dependency on the substance. But when dealing with teens and young adults often deeper issues accompany the addiction. Youths may turn to using drugs to cope with emotional or personal problems. By also working with our young clients to deal with such issues we give them the tools to prevent relapse due to these emotional triggers. Without defeating the internal issues that lead to addiction many of these young adults will continue to have these problems throughout their adult lives.

Yes, the primary goal of our adolescent program is to treat addiction. However, a very close second is our goal to heal any emotional wounds that may be contributing to an individual’s desire to use. We work to teach healthy stress management techniques and ensure each patient can find increased self-esteem and a sense of personal value. This dual-pronged approach allows clients of our adolescent addiction treatment program to leave not only sober but confident and assured in themselves.

If you, or your teen, is struggling with addiction, getting them help is necessary. Dependence among adolescents can be severe and lead to lifelong issues, both physical and mental. Don’t allow your loved one to suffer any longer. Contact Gateway Foundation Carbondale today to get started on your road to recovery. Call us at 618.529.1151 to learn more.