group participating in an alumni support program and the importance of an alumni program The journey to addiction recovery stems from evidence-based treatment. However, even after you complete treatment, addiction is an illness you will continue to deal with. That is why Gateway Foundation Carbondale offers an alumni program that helps you maintain focus on recovery after treatment. Our alumni support program provides opportunities to access tools acquired during treatment so you can deal with stressing situations. Our goal is to empower you through your entire recovery journey.

Gateway Foundation Carbondale is a supportive facility located in a 14-acre wooded area, providing privacy and support during your treatment. Our secluded location makes it easy to work on your recovery without outside interruptions. We offer residential and outpatient services, as well as an extensive network of support through our strong addiction recovery community. Our programs also include sober living and separate gender programs for men and women. At Gateway Foundation Carbondale, our holistic approach to addiction medicine encourages you to develop and return to other healthy interests and hobbies. To make this easier, Carbondale boasts a state-of-the-art gymnasium as well as a butterfly garden.

The Importance of a Strong Alumni Program

Because addiction is a lifelong condition, recovery goes beyond formal treatment. Our alumni program encourages you to take advantage of the programs available to support you after treatment. We also encourage family members and loved ones to get involved, as they are a central part of your recovery. You can also build relationships that can last a lifetime. These can be a strong line of support when you find your resolve wavering and can help prevent relapse.

As part of our alumni support program, you participate in group meetings, volunteer with support groups, and prepare social events. You can also share your own success story with other patients who are going through recovery. One of the benefits you can gain from becoming involved in our alumni program is how involved you can become. Additionally, when you help others in their journey, you also remain further committed to your own journey.

Accessing Support Everywhere You Go

The support provided through our recovery community is not limited to in personal interactions. Technology has also provided us with new ways to keep you connected to the support network you build during your participation in our alumni support program. During treatment, for example, you learn to use the myStrength app, which can later let you take your entire support network with you at all times. After treatment, you might find yourself facing stressing situations that can act as factors for relapse. However, having access to support through counselors, peers, and other tools can make the difference between maintaining sobriety or relapsing. Carbondale’s alumni program is designed to maintain your access to support throughout your life.

Addiction Treatment and an Alumni Support Program Designed to Help You Succeed

At Gateway Foundation Carbondale, our staff works with you to design individualized treatments plans that meet your specific needs and conditions. This includes our alumni support program, which keeps you connected to our strong recovery community. Our addiction treatment programs focus on healing your mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, we also address co-occurring, underlying conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. With the goal of helping you succeed, our treatment programs include:

When you are ready to embrace a life of health and sobriety, the right treatment program is necessary. At Gateway Foundation Carbondale, we offer both evidence-based services and an alumni program that ensures you remain focused on sobriety and have access to support at all times. If this is the program you are seeking, call us at 618.529.1151.