one of the many DUI classes in Carbondale Illinois as part of a DUI program and DUI education course If you drive while you are under the influence, you are committing a crime. This means that if you drive after having two to four drinks and get pulled over, you might be arrested. You also run the risk of a suspended license and having a fine. Finally, you will usually need to take DUI classes to be able to regain your license. At Gateway Foundation Carbondale, we include DUI education as part of our addiction treatment programs. Treatment begins with DUI evaluation, to identify your particular needs.

Carbondale offers a peaceful space set in 14 wooded acres, providing a secluded setting where you can concentrate on recovery. We offer residential and outpatient treatment programs so you can choose the best DUI education options for you. Our outpatient treatment allows you to get the help you need while you continue with your family, work, or school responsibilities.

DUI Classes

Carbondale’s DUI program consists of sessions that focus on teaching you the dangers involved when you drive under the influence. During your DUI education, you learn about the way driving under the influence can have health and legal effects. In our DUI classes, we also teach you the tools you need to adopt healthier behavior. Courts often order DUI classes for first-time offenders, during which time you have to go to weekly classes for up to six months to recover your license. However, if you skip your classes, you might then get a harsher punishment.

Our DUI classes in Carbondale Illinois focus on increasing your self-awareness of alcohol and drug issues so you can work on a clear path to recovery. With the right tools and education, we hope to help you prevent relapse. With this goal in mind, our alcohol rehab Carbondale IL offers a range of evidence-based treatment services in conjunction with our DUI program.

DUI Evaluation is the First Step

Our DUI evaluation is the first step towards getting the therapy services you need, which is very important as you might have a substance abuse problem you are unaware of. Our goal is to assist you in your journey to sobriety. For this reason, our compassionate, experienced staff of counselors work together to design an individualized treatment plan. DUI evaluation is a core part of this process. You learn to identify when you had too much to drink. In our DUI classes in Carbondale Illinois, you also learn from the experiences of others, including those who have survived DUI crashes.

Our DUI classes in Carbondale Illinois provide a supportive environment where you can learn with our counselors and from other patients. We also have a strong recovery community that helps you keep focused on sobriety, even after you complete our DUI classes. Our recovery community offers opportunities to help you keep engaged in your health journey.

Complete Treatment Complements Our DUI Program

Our DUI classes in Carbondale Illinois can be the beginning of getting a complete range of treatment to address your addiction. Our services include a variety of substance abuse treatment programs, all designed with your needs in mind. From your DUI evaluation, which begins the process, through our DUI program and beyond, our counselors create treatment plans focused on holistic healing. Our services include:

If you want to live a sober life, with solid plans for your future, our DUI education is for you. Similarly, if you lost and want to get your license back after a DUI, our DUI classes are the answer. Finally, if you are ready to regain control of your life, call us at 618.529.1151. We can be there to support you.