Addiction treatment methods have changed dramatically in the past several years. The advancement of modern medicine and the spread of addiction awareness initiatives have made addiction a much more treatable disease. Thankfully, as treatments and therapies improve, those seeking treatment find themselves better off than ever. Medication-Assisted Treatment is now a prominent form of addiction treatment therapy. Medication-Assisted Treatment works to limit the uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal which helps increase the odds of recovery. Gateway Foundation Carbondale offers a Medication-Assisted Treatment program for a variety of addictions.

Understanding Medication-Assisted Treatment

medical professional signing a patient up for a Medication-Assisted Treatment programMany people worry about the process that Medication-Assisted Treatment entails. For example, a common concern is that it will just trade one dependency for another. However, this isn’t the case at all. Gateway Carbondale’s expert medical team carefully monitors each Medication-Assisted Treatment program. By utilizing specific FDA approved medications, we can provide Medication-Assisted Treatment for a variety of addictions. This helps to reduce significantly uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Since withdrawal presents the greatest chance of relapse, limiting the adverse effects of this stage can be extremely beneficial for the recovery process.

Unfortunately, not every substance addiction has a complementary medication that works for a Medication-Assisted Treatment program. However, there are still many available, including some of the most common addictions in America today. Two of the most common are alcohol and opiates. Therefore, by providing clients with these treatments, we can give them a real leg up in the recovery process.

Treatment for Opiates

The current “opioid epidemic” in the United States is well covered by the media. It’s extremely wide reaching and can affect people of any demographic. Opioids are synthetic derivatives of opiates, and both have similar effects on the user. Treatment methods for both are about the same with minimal variation between treating the two. Because the withdrawal from these drugs can cause significant physical discomfort, users often continue using to avoid feeling sick. Consequently, this is where a Medication-Assisted Treatment program can be helpful. Medication-Assisted Treatment will assist in reducing side effects and making the recovery process more manageable. Gateway Foundation Carbondale can provide the Medication-Assisted Treatment program you need by utilizing FDA approved drugs like:

  • Naltrexone
  • Buprenorphine

Though all of these drugs work slightly different, all work to reduce cravings. They attempt to trick the brain into believing it has received an opiate. Naltrexone also works by blocking opiate receptors so that if taken, the individuals won’t feel the effects.

Treatment for Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances in the United States. Alcohol addiction can be serious, as you can cause harm to yourself or others very easily. If you’re an alcoholic, getting clean on your own can be dangerous. Alcohol withdrawal is potentially deadly, so doctors always recommend a Medication-Assisted Treatment program. We often use the following medications to treat alcohol addiction:

  • Disulfiram
  • Acamprosate
  • Naltrexone

Disulfiram makes the consumption of alcohol unpleasant for the individual, working to make drinking undesirable. Doctors use Acamprosate to help prevent an alcoholic from drinking again. Naltrexone can also help with alcohol. Similar to opiates, it blocks the brain’s receptors and stops the euphoric effects of alcohol.

Recover with Gateway Foundation Carbondale

If you or a loved one suffer from an opiate or alcohol addiction, Medication-Assisted Treatment can provide the most effective, most comfortable recovery. Learn more about Gateway Foundation Carbondale and how our addiction treatment staff will design the perfect recovery plan for you. We will utilize a Medication-Assisted Treatment program if necessary to provide you with top-notch comfort and care. Contact Gateway Foundation Carbondale today at 618.529.1151 to enroll!