Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the worst social issues in the world today. Addiction can destroy personal lives, lead to untold violence, and potentially turn fatal. Fighting such a deadly disease requires a serious commitment to the rehab process. The addiction specialists and medical experts at Gateway Foundation Carbondale guarantee the care and support you need through our Residential Addiction Treatment center.

Residential Addiction Treatment at Gateway Foundation Carbondale

two women drinking coffee at a residential addiction treatment centerWe understand that if overcoming addiction were easy, everyone would accomplish it on their own. However, it’s precisely because it isn’t easy that we work so hard to supply top-notch treatment. Temptation, relapse, and overdose are unfortunate possibilities when trying to become sober. Fortunately, in these instances, Residential Addiction Treatment has the answer. The key difference in this kind of treatment is the Residential aspect. Patients typically spend a few weeks to a couple months at Residential Addiction Treatment centers, depending on their addiction type and severity. For the duration of their stay, patients undergo an intensive therapy regimen to mitigate withdrawal symptoms, change habits and thought patterns, and form new techniques for maintaining sobriety.

Residential Addiction Treatment can be a fantastic option for most types of addictions. Whether it’s your first time or entering rehab or your second or third attempt, Residential Treatment offers the most inclusive treatment options. Immersing yourself in your therapies and addiction support resources provides you with the best possible chance of recovery. Living at your Residential Addiction Treatment center affords you 24/7 access to your counselors and addiction specialists for all needs. This alone can greatly reduce the chance of relapse and overdose death.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

If you suffer from a substance abuse addiction, your number one goal must be to find treatment. Unfortunately, some people lack choices in treatment options due to geographic or financial restrictions. Whenever you have the choice, a Residential Addiction Treatment center is the way to go. Thankfully, Gateway Foundation Carbondale offers a beautiful facility in Southern Illinois fully equipped to handle all your possible needs. We can treat clients with a variety of evidence-based therapies including:

The addiction treatment staff at Gateway Foundation Carbondale are all highly trained in a myriad of addiction therapies in order to supply our clients with a full continuum of care. Our Residential team can be at your side whenever necessary. We can provide you with constant medical attention, easy access to therapeutic support, and any other addiction service you could require. This is the true advantage of a Residential Addiction Treatment center. For example, should you falter in your treatment, you have a safety net consisting of expert addiction specialists to catch you. Our caring and compassionate employees ensure you stay on track and feel supported throughout the recovery process.

Feel Confident in Your Recovery

If there’s one thing in life where getting the best is worth it, it’s medical addiction care. The best addiction care possible is Residential Addiction Treatment. Gateway Foundation Carbondale can offer you exceptional Residential Addiction Treatment, in a beautiful environment, with one of the best staffs of addiction specialists possible. If you’re ready for the best quality addiction treatment possible, contact Gateway Foundation Carbondale today at 618.529.1151. Let our addiction treatment staff put you on the road to recovery today.