young woman beginning the Carbondale rehab admissions processDrug addiction is a health crisis that afflicts many Americans. No matter where you go or who you talk to, just about everyone knows someone who has been affected by the drug epidemic. Drug addiction affects everyone equally too. It harms people of every gender, race, economic status, and age. When drug addiction strikes you or someone close to you, the first step is getting into a quality rehab. This involves dealing with Carbondale rehab admissions.

Moreover, let’s take a look at some of the steps for a rehab admission including insurance verification. When beginning the process of Carbondale rehab admissions, the following steps serve as a guide. Of course, every drug treatment facility may vary slightly, but these steps will be pretty close.

Personal Information Questions

With this in mind, most people don’t simply walk into a Carbondale rehab center, they follow a pre-admission process. You can call the facility to find out more about the program, and the staff will ask some questions of you.

With this in mind, during the phone call, be prepared to provide medical or mental health information as well as information about your particular drug or alcohol use. You may want to have your medical records on hand and notes about your drug or alcohol use.

If desired, you may preview the rehab website before making the phone call. This will give you a lot of valuable information about their values, treatment, and therapies.

Insurance Verification

During the pre-admission part of the process, you will also find out how much your insurance will cover for treatment. How much will they pay is the key phrase to keep in mind.

In view of current healthcare legislation, note that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) states that insurance providers must cover drug addiction costs just as they would any other medical condition. The amount the insurance provider will cover depends on the carrier you have and the specifics of your individual plan.

Frequently, a rehab admissions coordinator will help you or your loved one walk through the financial process including the following:

  • Verify your insurance benefits
  • Discuss other payment options
  • Review financing options
  • Speak to your insurance carrier to expedite payment
  • Tell you how to get reimbursement if applicable
  • Find out if you need a referral from your primary care physician

Evaluation for Rehab Admissions

In essence, when you enter rehab, a counselor will give you an evaluation and discuss a treatment plan with you. They will also determine what type of program would work best for you such as:

Generally speaking, the medical staff may begin you on a withdrawal management program, which includes a combination of medication and therapy.

Introducing Gateway Foundation Carbondale

Welcome to Gateway, the place where our patients receive compassionate care in a nurturing environment. Our non-profit facility consists of dedicated and professional individuals who are trained in the areas of drug addiction recovery. Through therapy and medicine, we’ve successfully helped over 1 million people in our 50 years of business.

Evidence-based therapy is at the root of our treatment. Some of the therapies we offer include:

Additionally, we also offer certified dual diagnosis enhanced treatment, mindfulness sobriety, and motivational interviewing, among others.

Your first step is to get in touch for insurance verification. We accept in and out of network insurance carriers, so coverage is not a problem. Our coordinators will determine how much of the stay is covered through your provider. We offer to finance for whatever amount remains on your balance.

All things considered, you can overcome your addiction by going to a quality drug rehab. Take action now to begin Carbondale rehab admissions. Get in touch with us at 618.529.1151, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.