a group session at a alcohol addiction treatment centerAlcohol addiction is one of the most common alcohol use disorders (AUD) that U.S. residents suffer from. The condition is responsible for thousands of new rehab enrollments each year. If your days of social drinking have surpassed increased tolerance and dependency, you might have an alcohol addiction. If so, consider finding help from a reputable alcohol addiction treatment center, such as Gateway Foundation in Carbondale, Illinois. Doing so could change your life in amazing ways.

Alcohol and Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a strange and mysterious thing. Some people can drink often and heavily, yet never develop an alcohol problem. Others find themselves addicted to the effects of alcohol after just a short period. The reason for this is not fully known, though genetics, lifestyle, and the presence of co-occurring mental conditions are thought to contribute.

If your tolerance to alcohol has increased, you may have become dependent upon alcohol. This means that your body and brain believe they need alcohol’s effects to feel “normal” and to perform properly. It is also possible that your dependency to alcohol has escalated into full-blown alcohol addiction. If this is true, the next possible step is alcoholism. Of all the AUD’s, alcoholism is the most serious and challenging to treat.

Fight Alcohol Addiction at a Respectable Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

To prevent your condition from turning into alcoholism, consider seeking professional help at Gateway Foundation. Our quality alcohol addiction treatment center offers resources that can help you quit drinking. You can also acquire healthy coping strategies and tools for resisting future urges. These combined skills will help prepare you for long-lasting recovery.

If you’re like many people, you could benefit from supervised detox prior to beginning your personalized addiction recovery plan. Detox isn’t performed on-site at our alcohol addiction treatment center, but we can provide referrals or assist in making arrangements. Once you complete a safe detox at another facility, you can begin treatment at Gateway Foundation with a clear mind.

If you drink to deal with or suppress your emotions or past traumas, opt for extensive therapy during rehab. If you expect to maintain your sobriety after treatment, you must change your negative behaviors and the way you respond to stressful situations. At Gateway Foundation Carbondale, our counselors can help you start working through your personal problems and develop healthier habits. When you depart from our alcohol addiction treatment center, you’ll be strong and capable of avoiding future addiction triggers.

What We Offer

If you’re ready to begin the recovery process, learn more about Gateway Foundation Carbondale. Our team can customize your very own treatment plan. No matter what your specific rehabilitation needs may be, our programs can target each of your physical, emotional, and social imbalances. Rather than treat only your addiction symptoms, we will focus on your entire well-being. Our substance abuse treatment programs in Carbondale IL give our patients and residents of the area their best chance.

Certain programs and therapies included in your individualized alcohol addiction treatment plan could include:

There is No Better Time Than Now to Seek Help for Addiction

Don’t delay finding a qualified alcohol addiction treatment center. Gateway Foundation offers some of the best addiction treatment programs in Carbondale IL. By choosing our personalized treatment options, you can dramatically increase your chances at a full and lasting recovery. To learn more about how our programs can help you stop drinking and maintain lifelong change, contact Gateway Foundation Carbondale at 618.319.7522.