man talking with therapist during group therapy at a drug addiction treatment centerDrug addiction in the United States is a crisis that everyone feels. Whether it’s in your own family or it’s in your life, it affects everyone. This struggle leads to the need for a drug addiction treatment center. Through the available substance abuse treatment programs at the center, recovery is possible.

Even if you aren’t directly involved with the consequences of drug addiction, we all are indirectly feeling its impact. Many of the crimes committed are often traced back to some drug-related issue. In 2016, 1.57 million arrests for drug law violations occurred representing a 5.63% increase.

No matter where you go, the drug epidemic is a serious problem for loved ones, the person affected, and the community. It’s obvious to see why the drug addiction treatment Carbondale trusts is a solution to bring healing to the people involved as well as to the communities in which they reside.

Opioids are one the fastest growing drugs of use in the United States. When doctors overprescribed opioids in the early 2000s to people who legitimately had a need for pain medication, it ended up creating an opioid addiction epidemic. At an opioid addiction treatment center, patients will gain the recovery tools they need to combat addiction.

What Treatments Are At a Drug Addiction Rehab?

Drug addiction treatment programs are a foundation for those seeking to break free from opioids. Some of the addiction therapy services that are helpful include:

Therapy is essential for those who are addicted to drugs because many times, people turn to drugs to numb the pain or trauma of other problems. Some people have past or current trauma in their life that they don’t want to deal with, so they turn to drugs as a means of coping. Through therapy, patients will learn new coping mechanisms as well as what their triggers are.

Group therapy is especially helpful for some people because drugs have a way of isolating you. During group therapy, you can relate to others who are in a similar situation and understand what you are going through. It’s often easier to share problems with those struggling with the same challenges.

What to Look for in a Drug Addiction Treatment Center  

When taking that first step of entering a drug addiction treatment in Carbondale, you want to ensure you have a place where you feel comfortable and where you will receive the most benefit. Your goal is to find healing so that when you complete the rehab, you are a new person. Some things you may want to consider when looking for a treatment facility include:

  • Dedicated staff
  • Many therapy options to fit varying needs (what works for one may not work for another)
  • Withdrawal management program
  • Strong recovery community
  • Accepting of many insurances and financing

Finding a Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Introducing Gateway Foundation Carbondale, the non-profit drug addiction treatment center that’s been serving people for 50 years. Our committed staff is proud to have helped over a million people escape the disease of addiction through evidence-based, holistic addiction medicine. With a wide variety of programs and treatments available, no patient is left behind. Some of the services at Gateway Foundation Carbondale include:

We believe in getting to the core issue of drug addiction so that patients find the healing they desire. Our dual diagnosis treatment provides help with any co-occurring mental health disorders, while at the same time addressing the drug addiction problem.

Don’t let opioid addiction stop you from having a beautiful life. You can overcome these problems by seeking treatment at a drug addiction treatment center. If you or a loved one is dealing with drug addiction, contact Gateway Foundation Carbondale at 618.529.1151, and we’ll get you started on the right pathway today.