man breaking down in therapy at a meth addiction treatment centerMany human-made drugs can harm those who use them. However, people abuse few synthetic drugs more than meth. This addictive drug can quickly destroy their lives. When they’re at the mercy of this deadly drug, finding a meth addiction treatment center is a top priority.

What Is Meth?

At Gateway Foundation Carbondale, we know a thing or two about helping people overcome addiction. We can support those who have addictions to dangerous drugs such as meth. However, to get the most out of meth addiction treatment, people have to know more about this drug.

Meth is short for methamphetamine. With that said, it also has many street names, including ice, glass, and speed. The drug itself is a highly addictive and strong stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Currently, there are no legal uses for meth in the United States.

Why Do People Use Meth?

If meth is dangerous and addictive, why do people take it? Like with most illegal drugs, they do so because of how it makes them feel. When they use, they experience euphoria. This high happens quickly but doesn’t last very long.

Unfortunately, some people become hooked on meth after just one use. To make matters worse, abusing the drug can lead to severe mental and physical problems. The way that people take the drug also affects how quickly that they experience the high. For example, they feel it faster and harder if they inject meth instead of smoking or snorting it.

Finding a Meth Addiction Treatment Center

Once people start using meth and develop tolerance, they require a treatment center to stop using. In general, rehab centers require them to undergo detox before they enter rehab. Once they finish detox, they can enroll in a meth addiction treatment center.

However, how do rehab centers help people overcome meth addiction? It’s important to note that the same meth addiction treatment doesn’t work for everyone. For that reason, Gateway Foundation Carbondale creates custom treatment plans for everyone. Creating unique treatment plans ensures that we meet each person’s needs.

Despite that, people can find some common services at our meth addiction treatment center. For example, we work hard to help them develop coping skills. Then, they can use these skills to avoid relapse once they get out of rehab. With proper coping skills, they’re less likely to turn back to drugs in stressful situations than without the skills.

Signs That Someone Abuses Meth

Before people can seek substance abuse treatment programs at Gateway Foundation Carbondale, they need to recognize the problem. Thankfully, they can look for a few signs that might indicate that they or a loved one is abusing meth. Some signs of meth abuse include:

  • Fast or accelerated aging
  • Confusion and anxiety
  • High body temperature
  • Sores and pimples on their skin
  • Paranoia

Whether people need a meth or alcohol addiction treatment center, spotting signs are the first step to getting help. Treating addiction is possible and less complex when they can detect addiction early.

Turn to Gateway Foundation Carbondale for All of Your Drug Rehab Needs

It’s not hard to find meth addiction treatment. However, finding the treatment that you can count on is a different story. At Gateway Foundation Carbondale, we focus on providing affordable drug rehab services. As a meth addiction treatment center, we can help you or a family member overcome addiction safely and quickly.

Of course, Gateway Foundation Carbondale offers more than just meth addiction treatment. We also help people overcome other drug problems. Some of the services that we use include:

Don’t let your addiction to meth ruin your life. Let our meth addiction treatment center help you. Contact Gateway Foundation Carbondale today at 618.529.1151 for more details.