Opiates have their uses for people who need pain relief. Unfortunately, these drugs also have the potential for abuse. As a result, users may abuse prescription painkillers as well as illicit opiates in their desire to get high. Without opiate addiction treatment, they often suffer serious negative consequences, including problems with their finances, jobs, relationships, and health. Learning about Gateway Foundation Carbondale to put yourself on the right track.

The Problem With Opiates

group session taking place at an opiate addiction treatment centerUnlike some illicit substances like crystal meth, opiates offer some benefits. Many doctors prescribe various opiate medications, such as Vicodin and Percocet, for patients who need pain relief after surgery or for chronic conditions. However, even prescription painkillers are subject to abuse, leading to a need for opiate addiction treatment.

People can take medication as directed but still grow dependent on it. Gradually, they build up a tolerance to it and come to enjoy the euphoric feeling the drug produces. While many opiates are best for short-term use, some people end up taking these painkillers for a long time.

Eventually, they’ll need help from professionals at an opiate addiction treatment center to break their dependence on the drug.

Do You Have an Opiate Addiction?

Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t start out the same way for everyone. Some people purposely abuse substances to get high while others end up needing opiate addiction treatment due to growing dependent on prescription pills.

Signs that indicate you may need to find an opiate addiction treatment center include:

  • Constant preoccupation about using
  • Doctor shopping because your old doctor will no longer write prescriptions for you
  • Continued use despite negative consequences
  • Feelings of anxiety and depression when you’re not using
  • Using more and more of the drug to feel the same effects

You might also chew or snort your pills to get high faster. All of these signs point to a problem that requires treatment.

The Need for Opiate Addiction Treatment

You or a loved one will need opiate addiction treatment if you’re spending so much of your time and resources on getting and using that you’re neglecting obligations. You might want to quit using, but like many people with addiction issues, you may have stopped using in the past, but you ended up relapsing.

Beginning your recovery at an opiate addiction treatment center is the best way to overcome your dependency for good.

Finding an Opiate Addiction Treatment Center

There are rehab facilities all over the country. Finding the right opioid addiction treatment center for you involves making sure that your chosen rehab meets your unique needs. Residential, or inpatient, treatment is one option, but if you can’t live in a facility 24/7, outpatient provides effective care with more flexibility and freedom.

What’s most important is that you take the step toward treatment and overcoming addiction.

Nonprofit Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Gateway Foundation Carbondale is an addiction treatment center. It’s part of the larger Gateway Foundation, the biggest nonprofit drug and alcohol treatment group in the country. Carbondale offers a range of substance abuse treatment programs at a secluded center nestled in wooded surroundings where patients can focus on healing from addiction.

Our services include:

Opiate addiction treatment can help you or a loved one regain control of your life. Instead of reliving a painful past, you can find hope in a brighter future. We’ll guide you toward positive change when you take that first step and call us at 618.529.1151.