If you’re struggling with opioid addiction, you’re not alone. Currently, millions of people need professional treatment for an opioid abuse problem. Fortunately, there is an opioid addiction treatment center where you can find quality and reliable help. You won’t have to tackle your addiction problem on your own at Gateway Foundation Carbondale in Illinois.

The Dangers of Opioid Abuse

woman entering into an opioid addiction treatment centerOpioids are a type of drug that plays on pain receptors in the brain and produces feelings of pleasure. They reduce feelings of pain and generate a general sense of euphoria. Some people who abuse opioids originally began taking opioids as directed by their physician. Unfortunately, prescription opioids have highly addictive properties, making them a dangerous substance to play with. Extended use–even in small doses–can and does lead to increased tolerance, dependency, and a full-blown addiction.

If you’re addicted to opioids, you know how powerful they can be. Addiction cravings will keep individuals caught in a cycle of abuse, even when they want to quit. If you’re serious about getting clean, consider enrolling at a quality opioid addiction treatment center like Gateway Foundation Carbondale.

The Many Ways an Opioid Addiction Treatment Center Can Help

There are many benefits to undergoing professional treatment at a place like Gateway Foundation. For starters, you can receive help through the chaotic withdrawal phase of recovery. Professionals can oversee your withdrawal and help ease the discomfort of your symptoms. By the time you complete withdrawal, you will be ready to begin a treatment program that has been altered just for your specific needs.

Specialized, or individualized, treatment is care that is modified to fit your unique recovery needs and weaknesses. Rather than focus on elements that are irrelevant to your recovery journey, individualized treatment targets exactly what you need to get sober. It will provide you with tools for avoiding addiction triggers and preventing relapse. If you do relapse once or more, a treatment plan will show you what to do and how to get back on track.

The chance to undergo extensive Addiction Therapy is another reason to seek professional addiction help from a leading opioid addiction treatment center. Counseling can provide you an outlet for identifying and addressing the problems and possible past traumas that fuel your addictive behaviors. If you don’t work through these issues, it’s likely that you won’t be able to maintain your sobriety for long. Therapy can teach you healthier lifestyle habits that you can use for the rest of your life.

Discover Why We’re A Leader in Addiction Recovery

If you’re prepared to take a stance against your addiction, enroll at Gateway Foundation Carbondale. Our opioid and meth addiction treatment center offers a host of treatment programs and therapies, each designed to point users toward lifelong change. While you’re working towards your long-term rehabilitation goals, our professionals will offer you their unwavering support.

Just a few of the substance abuse treatment programs and therapies offered at our opioid addiction treatment center include:

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Don’t wait to reach out for the addiction help you need. A quality opioid addiction treatment center can help you get clean and show you how to put back the pieces of your life. If you’re tired of being chained to your addiction, let the professionals at Gateway Foundation Carbondale show you a different way. We want to help you find the best combination of programs and therapies for your complex recovery needs. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, call our facility today at 618.529.1151.